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T-shirts, Hoodies, Vests, Baseball caps, Mugs, Mouse mats, Dog bandanas, Tote bags, Bum bags… Almost anything, we’re not having a laugh!

Your purchase of these items will make real comedy happen!

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Speakeasy Comedy Club T-Shirts and Hoodies

Snowflake-free wearables for men and women!

Available in Black, Blue, Purple and other colours.

Your purchase of Speakeasy Comedy gear from our UCT shop helps us put on more Speakeasy Comedy Clubs, under the protection of UCT jurisdiction.

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The Speakeasy Comedy T-Shirt: Comedy Without Apology

Unisex Black T-shirt. Warning: Not for snowflakes!

With logo and text on both front and back of T-shirt, including slogan “Comedy Without Apology” on the back.

Your purchase of this T-shirt supports more snowflake-free comedy!

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