Speakeasy Presents ‘The Problems, The Reactions and The Solutions’

An Extraordinary Solo Show

Michael O’Bernicia is a stand-up comedian in his own right. He’s also an independent filmmaker, a recalcitrant philosopher, a revisionist historian, an assiduous researcher, a respected lay legal advocate, the founding sovereign of Universal Community Trust, and the draftsman of the UCT Treaty and Magna Carta 2020.

At some Speakeasy events, Michael will present his all new, not-to-be-missed solo show, ‘The Problems, the Reactions and the Solutions’.

No two shows will be alike.



Here’s how Michael was recently described by an audience member:

“An inspiration; a rare, extraordinary example of higher mind connected to higher heart consciousness; with a wicked sense of humour…”

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At these fascinating and entertaining presentations, he’ll talk on numerous topics with eloquence, poignancy and humour – you’ll experience joy and sadness, feel unsettled and moved, and come away enlivened and inspired!

You may hear him expound on his far-reaching fight against mortgage fraud which has shaken the banksters to their core, his unprecedented TFT films which have been banned almost everywhere because of their potential to take down the cabal, his fascinating research into true history, his ground-breaking vision for humanity, how his unusual life experiences have shaped who he is, and more. 


Speakeasy is growing…

In addition to Speakeasy Comedy Clubs and ‘The Problems, the Reactions, and the Solutions’ shows, we will also offer ‘Speakeasy Mystery Tour’ shows.

Speakeasy Mystery Tour may incorporate our own special brand of non-PC comedy, but will offer so much more than comedy!

We’re talking not only the very best ‘cancelled’ comics, but also the most respected and diligent speakers, researchers, authors and performers who have been censored, removed or cancelled for speaking or showing the truth.

Speakeasy Mystery Tour events will be unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced and are definitely not to be missed. 


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Rave Reviews

Just some of what our appreciative audience said after our shows.

“It made a change to go out to something that is uncensored and yes did have a laugh. More of the same please.”


“We had a great night with very encouraging updates from Michael. He always inspires everyone to have optimism for the future which we really need with the level of propaganda that we are bombarded with. Long live the Speakeasy👍”


“… A stupendous evening.
Michael’s spirit and conviction for his comedy is plain to see.
Looking forward to more.”



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