Michael Discusses the Speakeasy Phenomenon with Voice of Wales

Voice of Wales Interview with Michael O’Bernicia

Michael, founder of the Speakeasy phenomenon, was interviewed by Dan and Stan of Voice of Wales on 28/06/22.

In this video, Michael discusses his long-standing history in comedy and film-making; uncensored comedy as the last and most important bastion of free speech; the necessity of laughter for all of us – especially now; and the madness of the deliberate changes being orchestrated at global level which not only need taking down, but also taking the p* out of!

Thanks to Voice of Wales for this footage.

Rave Reviews

Just some of what our appreciative audience said after our shows.

“Massive relief to hear good old fashioned uncensored comedy. We’re so sick of the woke nonsense.”


“A brilliant night, and so refreshing to hear some good old fashioned humour with no offence to anyone who attended. Just what I needed to help me through the circus that we are living in right now, more than ever.”


“It was fantastic, I only wished it could have gone on longer…
Can I have a season ticket please?! ❤️💜💙”



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