Speakeasy Presents ‘Speakeasy Mystery Tour’

A Polemical Mystery…

Speakeasy Comedy Club is excited to announce our expansion into new ventures.

The positivity and warmth we have experienced from audiences at our Speakeasy Comedy Clubs has been hugely encouraging; so much so that we’re thrilled to roll out the next phase of Speakeasies.

Speakeasy Mystery Tour may incorporate our special brand of non-PC comedy, but will offer so much more than comedy!

We’re talking not only the very best ‘cancelled’ comics, but also the most respected and diligent speakers, researchers, authors and performers who have been censored, removed or cancelled for speaking or showing the truth.

Speakeasy Mystery Tour events will be unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced and are definitely not to be missed. 


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What can you expect?

Each show will be different, with an eclectic mix of special guests including comics, speakers and/or performers, or will offer an experience, like an indie film night.

Sometimes there will be just one speaker, who will go into depth on a specialist topic. In other shows, there could be a mix of speakers, comics and/or performers, each presenting their own takes on a particular theme.

Whatever the flavour, you can be sure that each and every Speakeasy Mystery Tour event will be a feast of intellectual, creative and humorous delights. 




Special guests

Michael O’Bernicia, founder of the Speakeasy phenomenon, may MC at some of our wide-ranging events, with special guests. In some shows, we may pit various speakers against each other in a ‘Conspiracy Theorist Mastermind’ contest!

Special guests may include independent journalists, natural health researchers, alternative artists, and those who have been vilified in their fights for justice or truth – we promise you’ll always have a quality experience which won’t disappoint.  

And more…

From time to time, we’ll also include detailed information or updates on The Great British Mortgage Swindle (TGBMS), Universal Community Trust (UCT), Midazolam data, UCT cryptocurrencies, etc.

Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like included and we’ll do our best to add it into the mix on the Speakeasy Mystery Tour!



Presenting ‘The Problems, The Reactions & The Solutions’

Speakeasy Events is proud to announce Michael’s all new, not-to-be-missed solo show, ‘The Problems, The Reactions and The Solutions’.



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Rave Reviews

Just some of what our appreciative audience said after our shows.

“Massive relief to hear good old fashioned uncensored comedy. We’re so sick of the woke nonsense.”


“A brilliant night, and so refreshing to hear some good old fashioned humour with no offence to anyone who attended. Just what I needed to help me through the circus that we are living in right now, more than ever.”


“It was fantastic, I only wished it could have gone on longer…
Can I have a season ticket please?! ❤️💜💙”



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