Introducing Speakeasy Natural Living Fayres

Laughter is the best medicine.

What are Speakeasy Natural Living Fayres?

Speakeasy Natural Living Fayres aim to offer a range of quality, holistic, naturally sourced or homemade wares, natural health remedies, organic or naturally prepared foods, and off-grid products from various natural health and self-sufficiency sellers.

And in the tradition of ‘Speakeasy’, we also plan to bring you informative talks by natural health or sustainable living researchers, inventors, authors and practitioners, keeping you up to speed with essential information.

Just like our other Speakeasy events, we will host our Natural Living Fayres in pop-up venues across the country, under the protection of the government-free jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust. 

How is natural living connected to Speakeasy Comedy?

According to an old proverb, laughter is the best medicine.

But this is about much more than that.

Information, remedies and inventions for natural health and free living have been suppressed for decades, and alternative practitioners and researchers vilified and censored – all because they threaten the profits and agendas of Big Pharma, governments and Corporates.

Speakeasy Natural Living Fayres are the antidote to those negative, destructive and anti-life policies – embracing health, life, energy, laughter, freedom and truth.

All the things that are good for you.



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We’ll come to you

We’re always on the lookout for natural health or off-grid product/service sellers, practitioners, and interesting speakers to participate in our events, as well as suitable venues.

Get in touch if you can help.



“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

~ Albert Einstein


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